Mobile Auto Restoration Services In Austin to Add Curb Appeal Or Help Sell Your Car For Top Dollar.

Now is the time to get your automobile spruced up, detailed and ready for daily driving, weekend cruising or potential purchasers, and the best method to enjoy your car is to improve its curb appeal using the services listed below.

  • Mobile Paintless Dent Repair PDR
  • Mobile Auto Detailing
  • Car Paint Restoration & Correction
  • Auto Hail Repair
  • Plastic Bumper Dent Repair
  • Car Scratch & Dent Repair
  • Scuff Mark Removal
  • Touch-Up Paint Chip Repairs
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Clear Bra Installation PPF



    The Mobile Paintless Dent Repair Process That Is As Gentle As Buffing A Scratch From Your Car.

    Using specially designed PDR tools, our skilled paintless dent removal PDR technicians can remove door dings and large dents. The method works by meticulously massaging the body panel from behind the dent, restoring the metal to its original dent-free state. Mobile Dent Repair In Austin & Central Texas.

    For more Paintless Dent Repair information click here.


    New Car, Daily Driver Or Garage Queen, Mobile Auto Detailing & Paint Correction To Clarity Your Vehicles Depth & Factory Finish.

    Your paint job is one of the first things you or potential buyers consider, things like acid rain and swirl marks do have an impact on how your car appears. The gloss gets restored after years of pollution, filth, and debris have been removed. Combine our mobile car detailing packages to include some of our other alternative restoration services to transform your vehicle from ordinary to better than new condition guaranteed.


    Keep Your Vehicle Looking Factory New For Years To Come In ATX

    Paintless dent repair (PDR), hail damage repair, mobile car detailing door ding removal, paint correction, paintless plastic bumper dent removal, sprayless scratches and dents, and car touch up spray paint repairs are all specialties of The DiNG Co.

    Since the early 1990s, we've been providing mobile units PDR auto reconditioning services, as well as pop-up auto hail repair shops throughout central Texas.

    Our corporate office is based in Austin TX.


    Have Hail Damage in Austin Or Central Texas. Reach Us At Toll Free:1 855 589 4245 / 1 855 TX Hail.

    Our skilled hail damage repair technicians must have more than ten years of experience in hail repairs. We can repair the majority of major hail damage without the need for traditional, costly collision auto body work. Have your car detailed with your hail damage repairs.

    For more hail damage information click here.


    Do You Have Bumper Damage? We Come To You In Austin Texas

    Large dents on your plastic bumper can be removed at your location without the use of expensive and toxic body shop chemicals, saving you time and money. The procedure is the same as for Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). The process begins by accessing and massaging the inner plastic bumper into place to manipulate the dent in the plastic bumper back into place.

    For more plastic bumper repair information click here.


    Say Goodbye To Those Embarrassing Dents And Scratches!

    Dents, dings, and everyday Austin driving can all cause scratches, swirl marks and scuff marks.

    Our scratch repair auto detail services are available on-site at your location.

    The auto restoration services we provide to you are a low-cost alternative to traditional, high-priced auto body dent shops.


    Is Your Car Getting Beat Up But You Are Too Busy for a Car Wash Or A Car Detail? Paint Chip Repair & Auto Detail At Your Location Is All You Need!

    Paint chips can be caused by dings and dents, as well as rocks or gravel thrown up by a vehicle.

    Auto touch-up paint and car touch-up chip repairs will improve the appearance of your vehicle. It will also keep rust from spreading onto your car's factory finish. Have your vehicle touched up before our auto detailing service.

    Touch-up paint repairs on a car are both faster and less expensive than going to an expensive Austin collision body shop.


    Get Back Your Faded Headlights With The DiNG Company.

    TThe oxidation in a hazy headlight might be dangerous because night visibility can be drastically reduced.

    By restoring your car and fixing your car's headlights, we can make your car safer and more attractive.


    Ding Shield Your Car From Damage With Paint Protection Film PPF

    We can restore the paint and repair your car's scratches or rock chips, but we can't prevent future damage.

    Let The Ding Company in Austin Tx install paint protection film (PPF) keeping your car's paint safe from chips, scratches, and road debris after restoring your car.

    One of Austin's first X-Pel-trained installers since 2002. High Quality PPF Installs keep your car paint looking great. Experienced Clear Auto Bra Installer with different PPF brands.


    The Profit I Made From My Old Car Was Shocking. Why? Because I Restore It The Ding Comany Way. Auto Restoration Services With Value.

    All of our exterior reconditioning services will raise your vehicle's resale value. For both retail and wholesale dealers, too many dents, dings, scratches, and paint chips can be distracting.

    Yes, depending on the degree of defects, dings and dents, scratches and rock chips, you can raise the market value of your car by 10% to 50%



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