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The DiNG Company Auto Hail Repair Mobile Paintless Dent Repair Reviews Plus Customer Testimonials

Ding Company BBB Business Review

Yelp Mobile Dent And Scratch Repair Reviews Below.

    Kim N Fabulous- quick and easy! I was able to set up my appointment within a few days. He came to my location & fixed within a few hours. Looks brand new again! I would definitely recommend- hopefully not have to call again for repairs
    Frances V Wow! I called to ask about having a ripple removed from my front fender (caused by a slight sideswipe in a construction zone) and talked with Oscar. He asked several questions about type of car , etc and I texted him a photo. He gave me a general estimate which was less than my deductible.
    Oscar was able to work me in the same day and met me at my office.
    I showed him a couple of other dents and dings that had happened in various parking lots - mostly at work (inconsiderate jerks/"co-workers ").
    He said he could fix them all to where you could never tell they existed!
    2 1/2 hours later...
    WOW ! I really CAN'T tell that any of them ever existed !!
    Thanks, Oscar! Amazing work done and great experience !
    Will add before and after pictures…
    Mike H Oscar was recommended to me by the Yelp #1 body shop (look it up) for more minor work. I called him for 3 unsightly dents (there when I bought the car). He had an opening within 3 work days of my call. Gave me an informal estimate based on my phone description.

    Oscar showed up on time and was friendly. Began work immediately and worked hard on it. Took about 2 hours to get out the three dents. Two were done so well you would never know anything was there before. Amazing work. The third dent was on the front of the hood above the grille, couldn't get "behind" it but still did an amazing job of very intricate hammering and pulling to coax it out. That dent is 90% improved (If I really wanted it out 100% he would have needed to disassemble the hood, nah).

    The price was roughly about 50% of what a body shop would have charged (I checked). If you have a few dents or scratches, this is the guy/company to see. Oscar/Ding Co. knows his stuff and does it at your place. Highly recommend for minor body work!
    Anh O Oscar was very professional. He arrived on time & fix the dent super quick! He's incredibly accommodating towards our schedule. We will recommend him to our friends & family! Thank you Oscar!
    Alex C Simply put, Oscar is the man! I have a 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 that is my baby, and unfortunately, I had some damage to my hood and left/right rear fenders that I couldn't take staring at any longer. I looked around on Yelp and picked The Ding Company since they're mobile and would come to my apartment to do the work. I talked to Oscar over the phone about the damage, and he gave me his estimate range right there on the phone. No need for him to even come out to see it in person. Oscar showed up on time as scheduled, and actually seemed cheerful/happy to have the opportunity to fix my car. I really appreciated the fact that he didn't look at me as just another customer who he wanted to get done with as quickly as possible. All in all, he fixed 4 dents in my hood caused by falling acorns from a tree, a dent in my passenger rear fender where someone opened their door into me, and finally, a substantial crease in my rear driver's fender that was caused by a concrete pillar I didn't see when backing into a parking garage spot. In about 2 hours, he had all 6 of these issues repaired, and to the point that you can't even find the dents anymore. I was thoroughly impressed, and I'm extremely picky when it comes to my cars. The final amount he charged me fell right in the middle of the range he had given me over the phone, which was awesome as well. I would highly recommend Oscar to anyone who need some TLC on their dented baby! He's seriously gifted at his skill, and he does it with a smile on his face. Thanks again Oscar! I'll be back!
    Kitty K Oscar is the best there is! Reliable, friendly and a true artist at his work. I have called him out a couple of times and both times I couldn't see any evidence of dents and scratches. Thanks, Oscar, I am recommending you to my friends.
    Ohamie G. My 2018 4Runner Limited was dinged while at work; the person left me a quarter-sized dent on the driver's side door panel and scuffed my Blizzard Pearl paint...of course they didn't leave me a note. I was so upset and immediately got online to research dent repairs in Austin and that's how I found Oscar. I read every single one of the reviews people had left him and decided to contact him. He was quick to answer my call, explain the process and give me a quote. We got an appointment scheduled and he came to my place of work. He finished the job in less time than originally expected and I seriously had no words to show just how grateful and pleased I was with his work. He managed to leave my door looking brand new, like there was never a ding and a scratch on it without having to actually pain my door!!! He truly is talented, stop looking around and give him a won't regret it.
    Beth C Oscar did a fantastic job taking out several door dings on my MINI Cooper. He's very professional and courteous. I really like that he was able to come out to my location so I didn't have to take off work. The price was fair and the work was done well. I will definitely call Oscar again.
    Anthony P Highly recommend Oscar for your ding repairs. A few descriptors: professional, timely, great communicator, skillful, and fair. From phone call to completion of an expert repair.....18 hours, and at my place of work!. Zero hassle. Very nice to rid of those "marks" left by some of our less than respectful citizens - the Camry looks like new again! Oscar is your guy!
    Lisa I highly recommend this company! Oscar did a great job, was very professional, on time, quoted me fairly and I'm very pleased with my results! You can't go wrong with the Ding Company! And he will come to your home or work within a reasonable distance!
    Fareed T As a former car dealer I am very picky about body work. Oscar did a great job with my fender. Good communication, quick work, fair price, and did what he said he would do. That's what I consider 5 stars.
    Teri B I have been ripped off before by dent removal companies, so this was a scary deal for me. The guy came out to my office, showing up on time, gave me a quote, and showed up again the next day on time to fix my dents. I have a BMW, so I wanted it done right, or not at all. He had been working on it for a while, so I walked out to check on him, and saw him using this hammer looking thing on my car, and my stomach sunk. I was afraid I was in big trouble. However, all was beautiful! He removed a crease in my hood, and two big door dings that were unsightly. I am very happy with the price he quoted me, and the work is excellent. I hope I don't have to, but if I do, I will be using him again.
    Taryn W I called about a big dent in my bumper. The very next day, they came to my house and fixed the dent in an hour. It looks basically brand new!
    Stephanie E While backing my car into a parking spot I hit a tree branch that was deceptively sticking far out, leaving an ugly large dent in the back of my SUV. It was purely cosmetic but it was pretty embarrassing so I decided to call a mobile dent repair company. I found The Ding Company on Yelp, called the number, and got a hold of Oscar immediately. We set an appointment for the following Monday and he agreed to meet me at my house during my lunch break. He told me immediately because of the location of the dent it wouldn't look perfect but he assured me it wouldn't be the eyesore it was in it's current state and that he wouldn't be able fix the paint that chipped off. (The paint issue is clearly disclosed on the website and the Yelp site so I knew this going in!). Anyway, Oscar worked his magic and I don't have to drive around town with the shame of having a large dent in the back of my car AND he even filled in where the paint was chipped so you can only tell if you look really, really close. Job well done and I'm a happy customer.
    Billy W Oscar came over to pull a dent out for me and did great job. He was prompt, friendly and readily answered emails with questions and quotes. He's a professional and you will be happy with the results. I plan to use him again when the inevitable dents appear on my car.
    John H The Ding Company showed up at my home exactly when he said he would. I had texted him a picture of the small dent on my truck and he said it would be between $175- $275. When he was done I asked him how much I owed him. He said $175! I usually only give a Yelp review from bad experiences but had to review the Ding Company with a "phenominal review." Oh, I had gotten another estimate somewhere else and it was $875. That didn't include the cost for a rental car for two to three days.
    Celeste K HIGHLY recommend! Oscar is super friendly and did a great job repairing a car door ding for me. His original quote didn't increase once the job was done, and he finished the repair in 45 minutes flat at my home. I'll recommend him to family and friends and use his service next time I need a dent removed!

    This is my new favorite Oscar. I used to be a fan of Oscar the Grouch, who was my soulmate attitude wise. But this Oscar is much better.

    This Oscar specializes in repairing dings, scuffs, scratches and such. He does those repairs that are too big to clean up at the car wash and that aren't big enough to file an insurance claim.
    Wes O He will come to your house, office, or wherever. He returns calls. (And texts as well.) He does quality workmanship and it's speedy too. (Truth be told, I can't ever tell the scuffs were there.) And he's reasonably priced. I actually believe that going to Oscar for minor paint and body work is almost cheaper than buying touch up paint and/or trying to compound out a scratch or scuff.

    Skip the body shop and go to Oscar. My truck and I are both happier than we were 30 minutes ago.

Mobile Dent Removal Google My Business Reviews Below.

    nick diaz ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great customer service, did an awesome job on the vehicle dent removal and touch up. Thank you Ozzie! 😎👍
    SJ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Oscar did a wonderful job repairing the dent/ding on my Mazda Speed3, when all the other PDR places I called said it wasn't possible. It looks brand new now, thank you! He's a lovely guy, very friendly & trustworthy. He also fixed it at an excellent price, thank you!
    Ron Kabele ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Oscar has installed a clear bra on my last three cars. All three times his installations have been flawless, including his most recent installation two weeks ago on my 2017 Chevy Sonic. Having a highly skilled technician like Oscar is the most important factor if you want to get good results. Plus, he's very friendly and considerate.

Paintless Dent Repair PDR Service Testimonials below.

    Hi Oscar,

    Just quick thanks for the excellent work you did on my Mercedes SLK 230 Compressor and for taking the time to explain everything to me every step of the way.

    When I went out to my parking spot and saw a dent in my new car I was very frustrated as well as anxious to get it fixed. This happened on a Saturday night and on Sunday I was on the phone to places all over Austin to find someone to fix it.

    Not only did you answer my call on a Sunday but also you got me in Monday morning and had my car looking like it was when I bought it. I will also say that your "competitors" I called five of them never called me back with the exception of one who phoned me 4 days later. Just by that I knew I made the right choice.

    Thought I never hope see you again under the circumstances of a dent in my car I would not hesitate to not only recommend you and your business but bring my car back to you once again. I will close by saying I am hard to please and you went beyond pleasing me you made my dent go away and made my car so much better.

    Best Regards
    Johnny C.
    My body shop guy is now a believer in PDR (he wasn't before yesterday). He couldn't believe the before/after, especially the front quarter panel and the hood of my Mazda.

    I'll tell ya, Bobby sees everything and he couldn't find any evidence of hail on the panels you guys worked on. My friends and I have been working with Bobby for 7yrs and I really respect his judgment. I've given him your info and I will be recommending you in the future. Thanks again.
    Oscar thanks for everything. Wanted to let you know that my experience with you was eye opening and your work was excellent. I was told by a friend about the clear auto bra and I wanted one for my new corvette. I have always believed that a person needs to be an expert in his field to be good. It seems that window tint shops are installing the clear auto bras on auto paint finishes which confused me. Needles to say window tint and glass go hand in hand and not paint. Thank you for your expertise and I will tell all of my friends about my experience with your business. Robert H.
    I have taken 4 cars in the last 5 years to Oscar at The Ding Company for Clear Shields and 3 cars for ding removals. His work is exceptional and the turnaround is always the same day! He is very dedicated to his work and he is always willing to work around your schedule, even come out to your location 30 miles away as he did for me once. He was even able to remove dents on my Aluminum hood which I thought wasn't possible! I have had a consistent positive experience every time and would highly recommend the The Ding Company for any Paintless Dent Removal or Clear Shield Installation. Hiren
    I recently had my car repaired at The Ding Company and I was very pleased with the results. The owner (Oscar) was very understanding to my needs and the will to want to have a quality job done at a budgeted price. He offered me services at a reasonable price and the final job exceeded my expectations. I felt like I was in a new car all over again minus the dents, dings and scratches that were visible before dropping the vehicle off. His repair time was fast yet he still did quality work. His customer service was great and your satisfaction as a costumer is at the top of his priority list. I would recommend The Ding Company for jobs great and small! I love my new flawless ride J ~ Tamisha H.
    I'd been meaning to leave you a note. I was very pleased with your work on our FX35 a few weeks back. You did a great job, at a reasonable price - and I didn't even have to leave the office! All that, and you even fixed a dent I wasn't aware of. Thanks! Andrew H.

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