Car Hail Damage Repair in Austin, TX


The Ding Company specializes in quality mobile paintless dent repair (PDR) mobile hail damage repairs.

Most minor hail repairs can be performed on-site at your location--your work, home, warehouse, dealership, local body shop or even car wash.

If deep dents or badly hail damaged body panels are detected and require traditional collision shop repairs, your car’s hail damage repairs will be performed at one of our partnered local auto body shops.

We can remove hail damage from metal as well as aluminum auto body panels successfully utilizing the paintless dent repair PDR process.

We work with collision shops as a subcontractor in hail striking areas.

Our knowledge of traditional auto body shop repairs gives you peace of mind that the job will be returned to pre-storm condition.

Our mobile hail damage repair process begins when your hail claim is finalized.

How to file a hail damage claim in Austin Texas

In most cases, comprehensive insurance will cover your Austin, Texas hail claim. We work with all insurance companies and can aid you in the hail claim process.

To truly inspect a hail damaged vehicle, it requires special paintless dent repair (PDR) equipment to aid in a complete and accurate hail claim.

What is "steering" when finalizing your Texas hail claim

Steering is when your insurance company insists that you take your hail damaged vehicle to a auto body shop or dealership of their choice is considered steering which is against the law.

It is NOT mandatory that you take your vehicle to a local body shop that your insurance company recommends for hail damage repairs or any repairs for that matter. It is your insurance and your choice of where and how to have your vehicle repaired.

Eco-Friendly Mobile PDR Services.

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