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Headlamp Protection Products

"I have installed the kit on my headlights and they looked fine, but now they look foggy. Did I do something wrong?"
When using the wet application technique, this is normal. The fog is the result of the alcohol/water solution evaporating from beneath the plastic. The water vapor that is produced results in a hazy appearance for several days. The haze will clear as the vapor dissipates.

"Is it best to apply your light protection kit to the lenses wet or dry?"
We have found that the wet installation yields the best-looking installation with the least amount of difficulty in most cases. On larger headlamp pieces, bubbles and improper alignment of the material are far less likely using the wet installation method. However, on smaller pieces, such as fog lamps, the dry installation method is sometimes easier. This is especially the case if the lamp is spherical in shape. It's best to use a microfiber towel to clean the surface before installation.

"The lights on my car are heavily contoured. Is your kit hard to install on this type of light or should I have them professionally installed?"
Our headlamp protection material is extremely pliable and can easily be contoured over dome shaped surfaces. Professional installation should not be necessary provided that you follow the instructions closely. If you still feel uncomfortable attempting installation on your own, check our installer finder for an installer near you.

"I have the headlamp kit almost completely applied using the wet application method, but I can't seem to get the edges to completely stick down. What am I doing wrong?"
It is absolutely imperative that a hairdryer or heat gun is used in this area to seal the edges. The heat serves two purposes. First, it helps evaporate the remaining alcohol/water solution from under the edges, and second it makes the plastic more pliable so that it can contour to the edge of the light. Be careful if you are using a heat gun to warm the plastic. It takes only a small amount of heat to apply the material. If you apply too much heat you can damage the surface of the plastic.

Paint Protection Products

"I don't think the kit is cut right. It seems to be too short."
Depending on the kit you are applying, some kits are purposely designed short so that you have to stretch them into place. The purpose of this type of design is to compensate for a contour on the vehicles surface or to allow room to pull out excess material around the edges that would otherwise be very difficult to lay down. The analogy that is most commonly used in talking about applying this material to a contoured surface is: "Imagine gift wrapping a basket ball, and all of the wrinkles that you would have in the wrapping paper. Not much you can do about it, right? Now imagine wrapping the same basketball in Saran Wrap instead. Stretching the Saran wrap allows it to take the shape of what you are stretching it over."

"I can't get the material to stick to the paint in some areas. It seems like there is no adhesive left on the material."
1) Not removing the wax from the vehicle's paint before starting installation.
2) Not washing out all of the soap/water solution with the alcohol/water solution before squeegeeing down the material.
3) Using too much soap or alcohol in your solutions.
4) Use a micro fiber towel to absorb areas with excessive solution.

"How long should I wait to apply your product if my car has been repainted?"
You will need to talk to your body shop and see what they recommend. The time will vary depending on the type of paint the body shop used, and whether or not the paint was baked. In any case, the time that they say you should wait to wax the paint, is the same time you will need to wait to install our product.

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